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Divorce Mediation

Navigating a separation and/or divorce can be a difficult process.  ACCORD can help you with our Divorce Mediation Program.  The program operates on a sliding scale fee structure based on the combined income of the couple.  Divorce Mediators cannot give legal advice and will not “pick sides.” For more information or to obtain the current fee schedule, please contact the Intake Coordinator.  Once you have decided to meditate, the first step is to schedule the individual intake interview.  At the interview, the Intake Coordinator will guide you through the process, gather necessary information and answer any questions you may have about mediation – making an otherwise complex and scary process more manageable.

ACCORD offers a supplemental program to assist separating/divorcing couples divide assets and/or liabilities. 


Mediators are trained professionals, highly experienced, and remain neutral at all times;

Mediation is more efficient and less expensive than attorney fees;

Mediation sessions are private and personalized to your situation;

Parties to mediation have more control over the outcome and decisions made;

Mediation can protect your future relationship/co-parenting abilities; and

Can lessen the stress on you and your children.

For questions about the divorce program or to initiate a new case, please contact:

Debbie Wahl

Intake Coordinator

607-724-5153 ext. 304


For current active cases, please contact:

Shannon Cron

Program Coordinator

607-724-5153 ext. 307