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Family Mediation

Resolve Family Disputes with Us


ACCORD trained mediators can help you with parenting arrangements:

Custody | Visitation | Parent Teen Mediation | Child Support | Other family concerns 

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ACCORD trained mediators can help you with parenting arrangements such as custody, visitation, child support, and other family concerns. Families can achieve positive outcomes for everyone without the stress of filing a petition in Family Court. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends, and other individuals important in a child’s life can contact a case manager to begin the mediation process.

Mediation empowers parents to develop a plan specific to their family needs. ACCORD mediators can help parents draft an agreement that may be filed in Family Court for review by one of the Family Court Judges so that it may become an enforceable court order. As an alternative, parents may choose to bring the agreement to their attorneys for review and have the attorneys incorporate the agreement into a legal document.

Parents may also discuss residency, transportation, special occasions, communication (between parents and/or between parents and child), and other parental concerns. Financial concerns including child support, health insurance, and tax deductions may be discussed through Child Support Mediation. If you are interested in discussing financial matters, please ask your case manager for additional information.

Parties are asked to cover an administrative fee of $10 per person for Parenting Plan Mediation, no other out of pocket expenses are required. Please note that we also serve families in non-court related Parenting Plans, to best assist all families in Broome and Tioga Counties.

Custody and Visitation

Mediation is a worthwhile option for parents when creating an agreement concerning custody and visitation. Parents decide what the parenting plan should be. If parents agree to a custody and visitation arrangement, ACCORD staff will draft an agreement to be submitted for review by a Family Court Judge. Our trained mediators will discuss with you primary residence, options for weekdays and weekends, holiday schedules, birthday plans, and specifics regarding transportation, all while recognizing and acknowledging the needs of both parents and children.

For more Information about these programs contact:

Jeremy Denmon

607-724-5153 ext. 309


Child Support

ACCORD mediators are trained to facilitate dialogue and understanding between parents when discussing financial decisions. Child Support Mediation includes a conversation regarding who will provide health care coverage, payment of unreimbursed health care expenses, and child care and/or educational expenses. Our mediators will inform parents that the cost of health care coverage may be deducted from or added to the support payment and will inform you that changes in custody and visitation MAY have an effect on individual child support entitlement or obligation.

The Child Support Standards Act is the name given to a set of laws that contain a formula for calculating child support. It establishes child support amounts that allow children to have an appropriate standard of living, based on the income of their parents. Both parent’s incomes are considered in the formula even if they have joint custody because both parents have the duty to support their children.
As always, any written agreement may be reviewed by an attorney, and ACCORD staff will answer questions to the best of our ability. For additional information, feel free to contact a case manager today.


“How wonderful it is that nobody need to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” – Anne Frank

Parent/Teen conflicts can be a difficult but common part of the evolving relationship between a parent and teens. ACCORD can help with Mediation specialized for the parent and teen relationship. 

Parent-Teen mediation provides a safe place where parents and adolescents can discuss difficult issues with each other.

Typical issues discussed in Parent-Teen mediation include curfews, dating issues, schoolwork and/or attendance, or the rules that everyone in the house is expected to honor.

For more Information about these programs contact:

Jeremy Denmon

607-724-5153 ext. 309


Report Abuse

If you believe that a child is a victim of abuse, contact one of the listed numbers for information. 

There are specially trained service providers to help you determine if your concerns are valid. 

For information on child abuse and steps you can take toward prevention, Please Visit:

Broome County


NYS 24-hour Reporting Hotline


PA Hotline